About the Journal

I-Pop: International Journal of Indonesian Popular Culture and Communication is an open-access interdisciplinary journal of popular culture and communication in (the context of) Indonesia, about Indonesia, Indonesian audience/consumers, and the pop works created by Indonesians. Published biannually, the I-Pop Journal follows a rigorous double-blind review process in which reviewers and authors do not know each other, ensuring the assessment's objectivity. The I-Pop Journal accepts manuscripts in English or Bahasa Indonesia (with English title and abstract) throughout the year in various fields and sub-fields of study for topics (but not limited to):

  • Film Studies, Spectatorship, and Audience Culture
  • Social media, Influencers, and Decoder Studies
  • Popular Music Culture, Festival/Competition, and Concert Studies
  • Advertising, Brands, and Consumer Culture
  • Game Culture and Industry
  • Contemporary Dance and Motion Culture
  • Fashion Culture, Communication, and Trends
  • Popular Food, Cuisine, and Eating Culture
  • Traveling and Leisure Culture
  • Digital Pop Culture
  • Popular Political Culture/Expression
  • Humor, Horror, Meme, and Urban Legend
  • Pop Literary and Reading Culture
  • Social Media and Cyber Culture/Expression
  • Media Studies and Popular Communication
  • Creative Industry/Economy
  • Visual Culture and Pop Art
  • Celebrity Studies, Idolatry, and Fandom Culture
  • Sports Culture, Entertainment, Media, and Industry
  • and other related topics

I-Pop Journal has four typical rubrics:

  • ORIGINAL ARTICLE (research paper or constructive conceptual paper): 5000-10,000 words
  • BOOK REVIEW (review and criticism of the latest books): 1500-3000 words
  • POP REVIEW (review and criticism of the latest works of popular culture and communication): 1500-3000 words
  • REFLECTIONS (reflective experiences or exclusive interviews with the creators or actors of Indonesian pop culture work): 2000 words or more.