About the Journal

I-Pop: International Journal of Indonesian Popular Culture and Communication is an interdisciplinary journal of popular culture and communication in (the context of) Indonesia, about Indonesia, and the pop work created by Indonesians. Published biannually, the I-Pop Journal follows a rigorous double-blind review process, in which reviewers and authors do not know each other, to ensure the objectivity of the assessment. The I-Pop Journal accepts manuscripts throughout the year in various fields and sub-fields of study for topics (but not limited to):

  • Film Studies, Spectatorship, and Audience Culture
  • Popular Music Culture, Festival/Competition, and Concert Studies
  • Advertising, Brands, and Consumer Culture
  • Game Culture and Industry
  • Contemporary Dance and Motion Culture
  • Fashion Culture, Communication, and Trends
  • Popular Food, Cuisine, and Eating Culture
  • Traveling and Leisure Culture
  • Digital Pop Culture
  • Pop Political Culture/Expression
  • Humor, Horror, Meme, and Urban Legend
  • Pop Literature and Reading Culture
  • Social Media and Cyber Culture/Expression
  • Media Studies and Popular Communication
  • Creative Industry/Economy
  • Visual Culture and Pop Art
  • Celebrity Studies, Idolatry, and Fandom Culture
  • Sports Culture, Entertainment, Media, and Industry
  • and other related topics

I-Pop Journal has four typical rubrics:

  • ORIGINAL ARTICLE (research paper or constructive conceptual paper): 5000-10,000 words
  • BOOK REVIEW (review and criticism of the latest books): 1500-3000 words
  • POP REVIEW (review and criticism of the latest works of popular culture and communication): 1500-3000 words
  • REFLECTION (reflective experiences and/or exclusive interviews with the creators or actors of Indonesian pop culture work): 2000 words or more.