Focus and Scope

Jobmark: Journal of Branding and Marketing Communication is an interdisciplinary journal that focuses on branding, all aspects of marketing communications, brand management, brand communications, brand cultural studies, brand visual communications, critical branding, and all aspects of consumer behavior related to the brand. Published biannually, Jobmark follows a rigorous double-blind peer-review process, in which reviewers and authors do not know each other, to ensure the objectivity of the assessment. Jobmark accepts manuscripts throughout the year in various fields and sub-fields of study for topics (but not limited to):

  • Product Branding (all aspects including sub, sister, line, feature, and ingredient branding)
  • Corporate Branding (all aspects including internal and external branding)
  • Nation/Country Branding, Village and City Branding
  • Destination/ Place/Regional Branding
  • Governmental, Public Service/Policy, and Political Branding
  • Branderpreneurship and entrepreneurial marketing/business communications
  • Service Branding (all forms including Financial, Retail, Restaurant, Hospitality, and Tourism Branding)
  • Community and Organizational Branding (including school/ university branding, academic branding, NGO branding, association branding, etc.)
  • Personal Branding (including talent, leadership, and employment branding)
  • Food, Culinary, Local Icon, and Cultural Branding
  • Program, Idea, Movement, and Social Branding
  • Islamic Branding and other Religion-related Branding
  • Social Media/Online/Cyber/Digital Branding
  • Fashion, High-Culture, and Luxury Branding
  • Media Branding (including content branding, genre branding, media brand responsibility)
  • Ambient and Visual Branding (including brand photography, brand cinema, and videography, branded entertainment, etc.)
  • Branded Visual Communication Design (including branded packaging, branded booth, and exhibition, etc.) 
  • Branded lifestyle, brand fandom, and consumer culture
  • Marketing Communications (all forms including Advertising, Marketing Public Relations, Marketing Events, and Brand Activation, Personal Selling, Direct Marketing, etc.)
  • Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC)
  • and other related topics

 Jobmark: Journal of Branding and Marketing Communication has five typical rubrics:

  • RESEARCH ARTICLE: 5000-8000 words

  • CONCEPTUAL ARTICLE (or constructive review paper): 3000-6000 words

  • BOOK REVIEW (a review and criticism of the latest books --with citations and reference list): 1500-3000 words
  • BRAND REVIEW (a review and criticism of the latest communication program of brands --with citations and reference list): 1500-3000 words

  • INSIGHTS (reflective experiences/ issues or exclusive interviews with creators of the brand and marketing communication work, should be completed with citations and reference list): 1500 words or more