Effect of Climate Variables in Rice Yield in Nueva Ecija, Philippines

  • Andro M. Enovejas University of the Philippines Los Banos
  • Sharmaine Maldia University of the Philippines Los Banos
  • Nurul Amri Komarudin IPB University
  • Dante Gideon K. Vergara University of the Philippines Los Banos
  • Yahya Shafiyuddin Hilmi Universitas Gadjah Mada
  • Janice B. Sevilla-Nastor University of the Philippines Los Banos
Keywords: Climate variability, irrigated, rainfed, rice crop yield


Climate variability is one of the factors that directly and greatly affect cropping system and plant yield. It is therefore very important to obtain a good understanding about climate variability or changes in the climate and the effect of these changes to clearly understand the vulnerability of food crops as well as its agronomic impacts for us to create and implement adaptive strategies to mitigate its negative effects.  This study assessed the effect of climate in rice crop yield in both irrigated and rainfed ecotype farming system in Nueva Ecija Province in the Philippines using semi-annual yield data and the different climate variables such as seasonal rainfall, mean temperature, minimum temperature, and relative humidity by using empirical/statistical method through time series analysis, and correlation analysis. Results indicated that rice yield for irrigated and rainfed ecosystem type of farming in Nueva Ecija show an overall increasing trend from year 1991-2018, although there are observed decline and fluctuations in some years. The different climate variables (i.e., rainfall, temperature, and humidity) show fluctuating trends and irregularities spanning from the year 1991-2018. But it showed overall decreasing trends for relative humidity and increasing trends for rainfall, minimum temperature, and mean temperature. There are significant correlations between rice yield the all the climate variables in both irrigated and rainfed farming ecosystem types. 


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