Brand Discourse Analysis (BDA)

Conceptual and Methodological Propositions

  • Bambang Sukma Wijaya
Keywords: Brand's message, brand's mode, brand's medium, brand's milieu, brand discourse


Brand Discourse Analysis (BDA) is a theory and method for analyzing how discourse is represented, reproduced, and circulated through messages, innitiatives or programmatic endeavors, means of communication, and conditions or ecosystems in which brands grow and develop. Several dimensions or aspects of BDA are 1) Brand's Message which includes three elements, namely: Promo, Promise, and Prominence, 2) Brand's Mode includes Strategy, Style, and Story, 3) Brand's Medium consists of Channel, Chain, and Clique, and 4) Brand's Milieu comprises Climate, Context, and Culture. In an increasingly hypermediated world, BDA has strategic implications in optimizing brand communication performance through various elements of discourse. Also, BDA has theoretical implications in enriching discourse analysis literature in the context of branding and marketing communications.


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