Personal Branding Management of Rifat Sungkar through Brand Social Responsibility Strategy on Social Media

  • Ismaya Dian Putri Hendarsih Otomoto Media
Keywords: Brand social responsibility, Personal branding, Social media


This article describes the background of Rifat Sungkar in carrying social values in his branding through social media; identifies and analyzes the brand social responsibility strategy of Rifat Sungkar in carrying out personal branding through social media; and identifies factors that have essential roles from the brand social responsibility aspect in the personal brand development of Rifat Sungkar through social media. This research used a descriptive case study method. The data collection techniques used are interviews, observation, and documentation procedures. The data analysis techniques consist of selection, categorization, validation, theorization, and proposition. The data validation method used is source triangulation. This research showed that Rifat Sungkar’s contents benefit society, not only automotive lovers. The primary basis of Rifat Sungkar in forming his branding is characteristics, relevance, and consistency. Several factors that have essential roles in the brand social responsibility aspect in developing Rifat Sungkar’s brand through social media are charitable, linkable, responsible, investible, sustainable, communicable, collaborative, and inspirational.


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